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Pop It Fidget 3D is a collection of simple games specially designed to help relieve tension and anxiety by allowing you to perform activities with no greater objective than the mere fact of performing them. Through repetitive and simple actions, this app aims to help you clear your mind for a moment and enter into a state of calm. In addition, Pop It Fidget 3D keeps up with current trends by including a wide range of typical pop it fidget toys: those silicone toys with little holes that you can push to turn them inside out.

To start having fun with Pop It Fidget 3D all you have to do is open the app and you’ll instantly find a huge variety of all sorts of different games. For example, you’ll find one where you have to cut vegetables. No time limit, no objectives, no goals and no prizes. You’re simply supposed to concentrate on the present, which involves the sole task of cutting vegetables. In another game, you can move slime around and play with it. Meanwhile, other games involve tasks like breaking plates, popping the bubbles in a typical ‘Pop It’ toy as you enjoy the sound they make, spin a fidget spinner, and so on and so forth.

Unlike what you’re used to finding in the world of Android games, the objective of each of these games is limited to simply performing a basic, repetitive and non-stressful activity. The idea is to help you reconnect with a more serene state of mind and relieve any anxiety you may be suffering or, simply, to have fun.

Pop It Fidget 3D is a nice collection of self-contained, mechanical and relaxing games, perfect for all ages and all states of mind.


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