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PolygonFantasy is an action and adventure RPG that plunges players into a medieval fantasy universe that, in some ways, resembles some of the genre classics like Diablo. This is an action RPG with polygon-style visuals that will entertain you for hours.

The battle controls in PolygonFantasy are easy: you can move right and left on the screen and you have four special attacks in addition to the basic attack. Although each of the three character options at the start of the game (warrior, witch or rogue) has a completely different set of skills, dodging and jumping are basic moves that you’ll have to master.

PolygonFantasy’s storyline is extensive and complex, and, as you can go on loads of missions in whichever order you want, you have a little freedom in your adventure. Not only do you have to follow the main campaign, but you can also carry out lots of tasks to find out more about game’s storyline while improving your character. Little by little, you will discover what happened to this universe and why it seems to be plunged into chaos.

PolygonFantasy is a good mix between classic role-playing games and the most fast-paced action games. It has funny graphics, an extensive story and a very addictive action and character improvement system.


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