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Police Station Cop Inc is a management game where your job is to take control of all processes in a city police station. By upgrading the facilities, you need to keep all the agents’ patrols ready to deal with each crime.

The 3D visuals in Police Station Cop Inc let you see the whole city in great detail. A series of crimes that you’ll have to take of will start taking place in this city’s streets. To do so, you need to efficiently dispatch all the agents waiting in the station for their time to shine.

During the different games in Police Station Cop Inc, you’ll have to spend your budget in the best possible way. Although you won’t have that much money to begin with, you will soon have the necessary means to go about upgrading the features and level of each patrol. In any case, before deploying any agents for each crime, you will always have to take a look at the crime’s complexity.

Depending on the complexity of each crime, you will have to send the most prepared agents to each place. These police officers will gain experience as they rack up work hours, and this is why it will take a while before you have patrols full of good agents that are capable of facing more dangerous opponents.

Police Station Cop Inc has a fun gameplay that will test your ability to manage a police station. By upgrading the facilities and improving the police corps, this coastal city’s population will be better protected from bad guys.


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