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Police Pursuit is a 2D driving game where players get behind the wheel of a car and try to get away from the cops. If a police cruiser manages to hit your car, you lose the game.

The controls in Police Pursuit are very intuitive: tap the sides of the screen to make your car rotate in one direction or another. Like this you have to try to escape the onslaught of the rival cars. Keeping in mind that these move faster than you, you’ll need a good dose of skill to shake them off.

As you play and get good scores you can also unlock new vehicles. In total you can play with twenty or so different vehicles, each associated with a level. And although by default you fight the police, you can also pick which cars you want to play against.

Police Pursuit is a simple and fun arcade racing game offering an experience very like the classic Ketchapp Police Runner. And the graphics, though simple, are also pretty.

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