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Pokémon HOME is an app that lets you transform your Android device into the most complete Pokédex imaginable, with all the information about all the Pokémon that have have appeared in any of the games from the saga. You can even take certain Pokémon to your Pokémon Sword or Shield game, through the version of Pokémon HOME for Nintendo Switch.

The first time you open Pokémon HOME, you can choose your avatar and your starting Pokémon. You’ll find excellent 3D representations of all the Pokémon you have in your Pokédex. Plus, you can find the list of attacks, their attributes, and their history. If you tap on the actual Pokémon, you can even listen to it.

One of the most fun things about Pokémon HOME is the possibility to exchange Pokémon with other users around the world. This way, you can help other players complete their Pokédex while they help you, too. You can also open extraordinary boxes, where you’ll usually find new Pokémon inside.

Pokémon HOME is definitely a must-have app for fans of the saga. With this app, you’ll also have a Pokédex in your pocket at all times. And not just any Pokédex – the most complete one to date, with hundreds of different creatures to collect, perfectly modeled in 3D. Plus, the app lets you connect with other Pokémon trainers from around the world.

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