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Play Together is a casual game where you get to create your own avatar and dive into a universe full of characters to meet and tasks to complete. You’ll find hours of entertainment as you meet tons of other users, play minigames and complete adventures.

In Play Together, you’ll start out by creating your own avatar. After this, you’ll be ready to land smack dab in the middle of the city. From there, you can meet other players who are also up for taking part in this virtual society. If you’re not sure where to start, you just have to go to the missions tab where you’ll find tasks you can complete.

It’s easy to move around the map in Play Together, and you can go wherever you want freely. You can strike up conversations with other users while you start decorating your own house or buy new furniture and elements to make your home cozier. Plus, in some of the missions, you’ll have to go fishing, run errands, or complete fun minigames that will let you earn tons of points.

Play Together brings you a universe that’s full of fun where you’ll meet users from all over the world as you experience your own adventure. As you collect rewards, you’ll be able to improve your abilities as you buy food, make pizzas, or go shopping to dress your avatar in the latest fashion trends.


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