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Play Disney is an app designed for families visiting the Florida and California Disney parks. With it families can experience the parks in a new way and have fun while waiting in long lines for attractions.

With this app, Disney fans large and small can view a map with all of the main attractions from both parks and read fun facts about each attraction, including the magic castle and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, for example. In addition to learning hundreds of interesting facts, families can play fun trivia games together about each area of the park. But players need to keep a sharp eye out if they want to win trivia, as sometimes the answers are right before your eyes.

On top of offering a fun time playing together as a family while waiting in line, Play Disney can also be used a guide thanks to its in-depth information on all the locations and walkways. Play Disney is able to pinpoint your locate on the map, so no matter how lost you get in the vast parks, this app will direct you right to the attraction you’re looking for.


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