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Pixel People is a strategy and social management game where you have to build a city in the middle of space, with its own roads, houses, town hall, police station, art galleries, groves of trees, monuments, etc.

Due to the particular character of this city – which is called Utopia and located literally in the middle of nowhere – to get money you’ll have to plant trees. Yes indeed, in Utopia money grows on trees, and you’ll have to maintain a balance between green spaces and buildings.

That said, even though managing the city is important, the most interesting thing in Pixel People is the enormous number of possibilities you have when ‘creating’ citizens. There are more than 150 different types of citizens (sheriff, mayor, painter, receptionist…) that you can create by combining other types.

Besides these people, the ‘pixel people’ who are needed to work in your buildings, you can create pets, who will have a role to play in this utopian community.

Pixel People is a very fun strategy game that hides a moderately complex gameplay beneath its superb graphics. The character designs are delightful, and the view of the city of Utopia absolutely gorgeous.

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