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Pinatamasters is a game where your one and only objective is to break open piñatas. To do that, all you have to do is throw all sorts of weapons at the piñatas. This is how you’ll earn tons of coins, which you can then invest in different improvements.

The gameplay in Pinatamasters is simple: each time you touch the screen, you’ll throw a weapon at the piñata, making the coins fall. The only way to miss an ‘attack’ on the piñata would be if you touch the screen too quickly, too many times in a row. The key is to tap at a steady pace so you don’t miss a single shot.

With the coins you earn throughout the game, you can improve the damage your weapons cause and the number of weapons you can throw. You can also unlock additional weapons, skins, and other passive abilities, like the possibility to earn coins even when you’re not playing.

Pinatamasters is an odd game that offers a gameplay that’s neither entertaining nor even somewhat fun. Instead, you simply have to tap the screen nonstop, while you watch your character move and throw swords at a piñata.



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