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PicMix is an editing app for photos that combines all of the tools from the popular Camera360 with the enormous community of PicMix users. It lets you edit your photos at a whim and later share them with any other users of the app.

Within the box of tools found in PicMix you’ll find: individual editing, collage creation, photo frames, video editing, and yoyo clips (which are practically identical to Instagram’s boomerang). And within each of these tools, of course, there are tons of different options.

PicMix manages to stand out from other similar apps by including a true social media network where users can share their images. When you create an account, you can join in the fun too. You can follow other users and see all of the content that they upload.

PicMix is a great photo (and video) editing app which lets you add a unique touch to your multimedia content. On top of that, you can quickly find inspiration by checking out other users’ work.

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