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PickCrafter is an ‘idle’ game inspired by Minecraft in which you need to constantly tap the screen to break blocks, and the more blocks you break the better you can make your pickaxe so you are able to break even more blocks. The objective: to break hundreds of miles of different kinds of blocks.

The playing system in PickCrafter is typical of this type of game. When you start the game, you only need to tap a block for it to break and, like this, you can gain different types of rewards. But as you improve your skills the number of blocks that you can get with each tap also increases. As well as this, you also increase the number of blocks that you get without even touching the screen.

One of the most fun aspects of PickCrafter is the huge amount of in-game content that it has outside of the ‘pure’ clicker games. For example, you can participate in fun boss fights where you have to complete a series of goals. You can also use the coins that you pick up along the way to go fishing. Every once in a while you can even attack certain creatures that are very similar to the classic ‘creepers’.

PickCrafter is an entertaining idle clicker game whose pretty good graphics are inspired by Minecraft, and it offers a large amount of in-game content. This game will have you stuck to your Android for hours and hours without realizing it.



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