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Piano Kids – Music & Songs is an app that helps your little ones discover a new world of music and sounds. They can play their very own piano at any time, without having to have any batteries or adult supervision.

The app is divided into three different categories: instruments, songs, and sounds. The first tab includes a piano that’s ready to be played at any time. You can apply different sounds to the music notes that appear on the upper part of the screen, as well as changing the type of instrument to enjoy the sounds of the xylophone, guitar, flute or the drums.

The songs tab includes children’s songs that you and your kiddos can enjoy while you play the piano. To do so, Piano Kids – Music & Songs tells you exactly which music notes to play and you just have to follow a short a tutorial to play the entire song.

Another great feature that Piano Kids – Music & Songs offers is that it includes a ton of sounds that your little ones usually hear during their every day lives and can help them recognize common sounds, learn and improve their skills. Play the sounds of vehicles or animals, among others, and enjoy with this tool that’s full of surprises.


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