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Pi Network is a platform where you can mine cryptocurrency from your Android. The main advantage is that you can do so without using resources and without worrying about having to be constantly checking the app. You just have to start the process once per day for the Pi counter to keep going up.

With Pi Network you have a really simple interface that lets you mine coins easily. On the bar on the right hand side there is a button you can press to start the mining process. Bear in mind that the rate at which the coins are produced depends on the number of users registered with your affiliate code.

As more and more people join your circle of trust, you’ll get more and more coins per second. At the top of the interface you can see the counter where you can see all the Pi coins you have mined. This makes it so you will never want to stop mining and, as time goes by, you will have hundreds of cryptocurrency coins in your wallet.

Pi Network is getting closer to becoming a reality. At the minute the coin still doesn’t have a market value but if it manages to in the future it would be best to have as many Pi currency at your disposal as possible.

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