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Photo On Cake is a funny application that, as its name suggests, allows users to put photos of themselves and their friends on top of different cakes.

The way Photo On Cake works is as follows: when you start the app, you’ll see a wide gallery containing images of different kinds and styles of cakes, from more classic ones, with one or several layers, to more avant-garde cakes with varying shades of colors, lots of ornaments or more simple ones, etc. In one of the cake layers, there will be a blank space where you can place your photo. After choosing the cake you want, the editor will open, and you will select a picture from your own gallery or that from the app, and place it in that blank space. Then you can adjust the size of the image, edit the photo (brightness, contrast, color, filters, etc.), add stickers, text, frames… And, once you consider your work done, you can export the image and edit another one or share it with your friends.

Photo On Cake is an app that though it might appear useless, can come in handy for some prank or even to design some cake in real life. Best of all, it’s so easy to use that anyone can enjoy all its features.

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