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Photo Collage Camera is a photo-editing tool to create fun collages out of your best pictures, adding tons of details like text, stickers, filters, and frames.

The first thing to do when you start using Photo Collages Camera is choose the design for your collage. You’ll have over 180 different patterns, from the simplest ones for just one picture to others where you can insert more than a dozen.

Once you’ve chosen your ‘mold,’ you can start editing your photo composition. You’ll have tons of different frames available that you can modify in lots of different ways to customize your collage. The image filters will give you even more editing possibilities.

The most fun things on Photo Collages Camera are the stickers to add sunglasses, hats, and other complements to your pictures. You can also draw with your fingertip to create your own custom stickers.

Photo Collages Camera is a simple but very fun photo-editing tool that lets you achieve very nice-looking results in just a couple minutes.



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