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PetrolHead is a driving game where you drive tons of cars through the city streets as you complete challenges. This game has all kinds of missions that require various skills behind the wheel, with everything rendered in realistic, 3D graphics that make it easy to identify what lies ahead.

On PetrolHead’s main menu, you’ll find various game modes to choose from. You can play levels where you park vehicles and others where you drive around to complete a list of various tasks. No matter what you choose, however, gameplay is always the same: tap on the steering wheel to change direction and the pedals to accelerate or brake. You can also tap on various action buttons to drive more efficiently.

PetrolHead also includes an online mode where you can create rooms to play with other players. This is an exciting option where you can truly get the most out of each car you unlock and store in your garage.

Test drive each and every one of the cars you unlock as you play in this entertaining game with excellent graphics and tons of levels. Show off your skills behind the wheel as you drive around completing missions.


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