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Pet Master is a casual game that’s similar to other titles like Coin Master and Piggy Go. In this case, you get the chance to create your own animal villages and level them up to the max. Meanwhile, you also get to attack neighboring villages that belong to other real players. All of this is wrapped up in a gameplay that’s a mix between slot machines and Russian Roulette. This is how you’ll get money to invest in your village and also determine if it’s time to attack your neighbors.

The gameplay in Pet Master goes like this: to get the money you need to build each one of your villages and the weapons required to attack neighboring islands, a defense shield, etc., you’ll have to play on slot machines. Every day, you’ll have a limited number of spins. Also, this slot machine will decide what your next move will be. You might win gold, but you might also attack and destroy places on the neighboring island. It’s all up to the slots.

There will be times when you’ll have to loot, and for this you’ll have to guess where a hidden treasure may be found on the neighboring island to try to loot it. Meanwhile, your goal will always be to reach the maximum level in each one of your villages to start building the next one. And of course, every single one will also be inhabited by animals.

Pet Master offers you an entertaining game experience. It gives you the opportunity to explore neighboring islands, improve your own home and perform different types of activities that you’re assigned by chance.


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