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Pet House is a casual game that takes place in a very special house. In this house, you’ll find all kinds of animals to add to your menagerie and care for, earning points to unlock new resources that you can use to make all the species you adopt very happy.

Pet House depicts all its elements with charming 2D graphics. This is a lovely game for small kids with basic controls based on tapping the buttons that appear on the screen. This way, you can easily complete all the necessary tasks to keep your animals happy.

Pet House has many breeds of dogs, cats, tiny unicorns, and lots of other creatures that you can unlock as you advance through levels. Keep in mind that there’s more to this game than just playing with these pets. You also need to clean the house, buy food, add toys, and bathe all of the animals in your care.

Pet House is a sweet game that’s particularly fun for young kids. Have fun taking care of multiple virtual pets while paying special attention to all of their needs.

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