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Perfect Cream is a fun and satisfying casual game that puts you in charge of a production line of cream pastries. Your goal is to put the perfect amount of cream on the different desserts on the assembly line.

At the beginning of each level in Perfect Cream, you’ll find an assembly line where you’ll see different desserts: large and small waffles, wafers, cupcakes, etc. Your job is to touch the dispenser as the pastry passes underneath to put just the right amount of cream (meringue, whipped cream, chocolate, caramel, etc.), without any excess or waste. The more cream you put on, the higher score you’ll get. Also, you’ll see some of the pastries have keys on them. If you put the correct amount of cream on these ones, you’ll get extra points.

Once you’ve finished the assembly line phase, you’ll have to create the perfect pastry for the shop. There, you’ll have to put on the cream, add colored sprinkles and cherries, and then wrap up the dessert in a box and deliver it to your customer.

Perfect Cream is a simple yet surprisingly addictive game with nice vector-style graphics. In short, it’s the perfect game to pass the time.


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