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People And The City is a resource management game where you will become the person in charge of running a prosperous city from its early stages. In this incredible adventure, you can establish all kinds of buildings, build roads, add services, upgrade information and, really, carry out any necessary action that will let you build an incredible city.

On starting your adventure, you will have a small sum of money that will let you place your first few houses. With these, people will start to come and live in your city, paying taxes and helping you get enough money to be able to start your investments. The most important thing when developing the area will be to create enough roads for people to move road their buildings. Without roads, you will prevent production and movement in certain areas from the start. So, make sure you have it all under control.

In People And The City, you must develop your industry by establishing buildings that let you prosper. Get enough money and resources to build important companies and call hundreds of people to your city’s streets. The more work and services you offer, the larger your population will be. Try to keep them happy with green areas and places for leisure, and manage their location so the city is a happy and safe place for all.

Enjoy an adventure full of stories and build hundreds of buildings in the streets while you compete against other players in real-time. Show the world your managerial gifts by rising to the top spots in the best city ranking in this fun adventure.


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