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Peanut is a social platform where women can find a safe space to share their worries, fears, knowledge and experience during their journey into the world of fertility.

Using Peanut is very easy. Firstly, you have to create a profile, and then be verified with a selfie for the app to remain the safe place it promises to be. While you create your profile, you have to fill in different things: at what point in your life you are, if you are trying to conceive, if you are going to be a mother soon, if you are a mother already or if you are going through menopause.

Later, you can choose different options in each category: if you are going to become a mother soon, you can put if you are pregnant, adopting, offering a foster home, etc. Then, you will have to add your personal details. You will need to fill out your interests: LGBTQA+, co-maternity, single mother, your pronouns, if you’re a party person or prefer to stay at home, if you like literature or sports, what you think your choice in friends says about you… Once you’ve created your profile, it will be time to meet other mothers in situations similar to your own.

Peanut will start to show you profiles of women near you who are compatible with your profile. In this sense, the way the app works is similar to apps like Tinder. After this, you can chat with them or use the forum, where you can see other women’s posts sharing their knowledge and experiences. You can also ask questions, share your fears, access audio chats and have real conversations with other women, etc.

Peanut is a good space for connecting and creating a community of women who are on a fertility journey and need to connect with other women who are in a similar situation.


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