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PC Creator is an incredibly addictive game that turns you into a computer developer with a very promising future. In this adventure, your objective is to make the most incredible PCs and grow your client base until you become a millionaire. Figure out how to put together powerful desktop computers and buy the best components to sell them for a profit.

The first thing you have to do in PC Creator is accept the first orders from your clients. They’ll start out asking for basic computers as you take your first few steps in the game. In this story, the most important thing is to learn how to build a PC without compatibility problems, since some components won’t work with others. Pay attention to the details or you either won’t be able to turn on the computer or the customer won’t want it.

Once you’ve accepted your first orders, you’ll have to buy what you need to put together the computer. Open the receipt and look for the components your customer has ordered. When you have everything ready, it’ll come time to put all the pieces where they need to go. Remember that not all the pieces are compatible and they have to meet your customer’s basic requirements. When you’ve finished putting it together, it’ll be time to install the operating system. Choose the correct option and add all the basic necessary features for the PC to work.

In PC Creator you have to be able to build the best computers in order to deal with important clients. As you improve your skills as a developer, you’ll be able to try out new technologies and incredible components that will turn even the simplest PC into a total beast of a machine. Amass a fortune by putting together and selling computers to all sorts of clients.



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