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Partying is a social platform where you can join loads of voice chat rooms and meet people from all over the world. All the groups are shown on the app’s main menu. Just join one to share comments, sing, or tell stories using the microphone of your device.

As well as voice chat, you can also send text messages and emojis to the group with Partying’s chat features. This creates dynamic conversations where you can be yourself and get to know each random person in the group on a deeper level.

With Partying, you can follow interesting users to stay in contact with them. Along the same lines, you can also find people who share your tastes and interests from the toolbar on the bottom of the screen.

Join chat rooms with users from all over the world with the app Partying. On top of all that, you can even create your own chat, add your interests, and let like-minded people join your group.


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