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Description 2 is an online game where you have to try to conquer as much territory as possible. But of course, other players will be trying to do the same and will destroy you if you’re not careful. One false move and it’s game over for you.

To stake your claim on the map, all you have to do is surround an area of land. It doesn’t matter if the area you’re trying to conquer is neutral or if it belongs to another player. If you manage to surround it, you’ll claim it for your empire. Of course, other players can do the same to you, and take away part of your territory.

You’re most vulnerable in 2 when you’re conquering new territories. If another player crosses your boundaries, you’ll be destroyed. That said, you need to be careful because if you don’t watch your moves, you could end up destroying yourself. 2 is a fun ‘.io’ game that manages to improve practically every aspect from the first installment in the saga. The game also offers attractive graphics and an addictive gameplay.



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