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Otter Voice Notes is an app that allows you to record voice notes, transcribe them and share them with other users. You can save your notes and transcriptions in the cloud, with a free monthly storage limit of 600 minutes.

The app homescreen can be accessed by tapping on the first tab at the bottom of the screen. Here you can see the total minutes of recordings you have saved, how many minutes are remaining, and the days left before your monthly limit is reset. Just press and hold the central button to make a new recording and add them to the cloud.

Your saved audios can be found in the second tab. When you tap on a recording, you can see it divided into sections and labelled with key words. Press on a key work to start the recording at the time that this word was said. In the final tab you can share your recordings with other users.

Otter Voice Notes allows you to record your voice and organize the recordings by key words in order to save time searching for specific information.


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