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Order of Fate is a traditional roguelike game where you can venture into the depths of a dungeon to try to collect all of the treasures that you find on your way. The problem is that of course, you’ll have to face a multitude of adversaries.

Order of Fate’s controls are well adapted for touch screen devices. By tapping any part of the screen, you’ll be able to move your character through the dungeon. To attack an adversary, all you need to do is tap on them. That said, you’ll have to try to finish off all of the monsters that you cross paths with, and they won’t be few and far between. You’ll have to face off against slimy mud, skeletons, giant rats and more.

Upon starting the game, as usual, you’ll just be on level one, and you’ll hardly have a team. However, as you move through the game, you’ll be able to level up and acquire new weapons, armor and add-ons. You’ll lose many of these things if your character dies, but you’ll be able to keep some things for the next game.

Order of Fate is an entertaining, traditional-style roguelike game with lovely graphics, that are well adapted to touch screen devices.



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