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OPPO Relax is an app developed by Oppo that’s designed to help you relax. Thanks to its spectacular sounds and relaxing games, it will only take a few minutes to calm down or disconnect from stressful situations.

One of the strengths of OPPO Relax is its really simple interface. From the main screen, you can access the menu and find the function you want. You’ll get the best experience by using headphones in order to take full advantage of the Dolby Atmos technology used to develop the sounds.

OPPO Relax also includes an equalizer so you can compose your own relaxing soundtrack. From here, you can add sound effects like rain, wind, ocean breezes, or the sound of footsteps on cobblestones. You’ll also find a section that offers chords and rhythms related to certain cities.

OPPO Relax is an Oppo system app that has tons of elements curated to help you relax as quickly as possible. There are even some mini-games designed for stress-free play thanks to the soothing soundtracks and the colors of the shapes.


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