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One Security is a tool for Androids that lets you protect your smartphone and keep your personal data safe from viruses, fake apps or any other kind of malware.

Thanks to One Security, you will keep your personal data safe by scanning junk files, managing app permissions and wiping your device of viruses. Once you install the app, it is so easy to use and intuitive that as soon as you download any infected file, spyware or adware, an alert will appear notifying you of it.

In fact, from the One Security main screen, you can see all its features, among which are the smart diagnostic, device booster, antivirus, junk clean, device performance enhancer or intelligent improvement. So, regardless of what you need to do on your device, it is as easy as tapping on an option to run it. Like this, you can get the results just a few moments later.

One Security is a great protection tool that, thanks to its protection system, means you can enjoy your device worry-free.


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