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Old Friends is a beautiful video game where players play someone in charge of a sanctuary for older dogs. Your goal is to create a comfortable and happy space for your most senior pooches and fill it with old but happy dogs.

The first thing you have to do when starting an Old Friends game is to name your sanctuary and give it a good mantra. You can choose from dozens of names and fun phrases about loving dogs. Shortly after opening the sanctuary, your first friend Mark will arrive and teach you how to interact with older animals.

Part of your job as sanctuary manager will be to pet the pooches. You can also play with them and throw them things, or give them prizes and delicious food dishes. You also have to make sure that the place is welcoming and they have a good place where they can be comfortable and peaceful. What’s more, throughout the game, you will talk with the dog, deciding what sentence fits your nature best. Bit by bit, new dogs will arrive, and boxes of hats and funny outfits will appear that your furry friends will love.

Old Friends is a wonderful video game with a charming and sweet premise and extraordinarily well-designed graphics. This is a really remarkable game that deserves all the love.


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