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Okey is a Turkish game that’s becoming more and more popular all around the world. This tile-based game has rules similar to Rummikub: each player tries to create combinations of tiles to win the most points. Give it a try, play this classic game other players and see if you can win the most points!

Okey’s classic mode is played with one game board and four players. Each tile has a certain color and value, and each player is trying to plan a strategy to get certain tiles and create a valuable combination. To make that a bit easier, Okay shows some valid and invalid tile combinations on the screen.

During his or her turn, each player can discard a tile, and then choose a new tile or another player’s previously discarded tile. Be careful what you discard, or you could be accidentally helping your opponents! The goal is to create a high-scoring combination of tiles. The first player to get a great combination of tiles wins the game!

On top of all that, this app also has an online PvP mode where you can compete against players from all over the world and win prizes. Try Okey and enjoy this classic board game on your Android device!


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