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Offroad G-Class 2018 is a must-have driving simulator for any real four-wheel vehicle lover. It offers a surprisingly authentic driving experience, including the feelings and sensations that come from controlling and driving a car. With a huge city full of life at your fingertips, your goal in Offroad G-Class 2018 will be to explore and complete side missions to unlock new vehicles and equipment.

Offroad G-Class 2018’s gameplay is very similar to any other driving simulator: you will control the speed of your car using pedals located on the right side of the screen, while the arrows on the left will allow you to modify your direction of movement. Offroad G-Class 2018 offers a first-person mode that will allow you to walk around the city, as well as a joystick-based control system and a free camera.

One of the most interesting features of Offroad G-Class 2018 is the amazing cabin representation, which increases both the realism of an already very lifelike title.


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