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Office Space: Idle Profits is an incremental game based on the movie Office Space, where you have to join forces with Peter, Samir, and Michael to try to steal money from your company. How? By installing a virus on all the computers on every floor of the building.

The gameplay in Office Space: Idle Profits is really simple. You have to install the virus on each floor of the building but you need money to do so … which you get from the viruses you’ve already installed. Also, as usual, you can also use the money you earn to improve each virus.

Another way to earn money in Office Space: Idle Profits is to go to the paper jam tab, where you can find Samir dealing with yet another paper jam. With every tap of the screen, Samir will get even angrier and you’ll earn more money. Best of all, the more money you earn, the more scenes from the movie you can unlock … like the legendary printer scene.

Office Space: Idle Profits is an entertaining casual game. While it doesn’t bring anything new or original to the table, it does have a great visual style. The only thing that seems strange is the use of the Office Space license in 2017.



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