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Numpurr Card Wars for Android

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Numpurr Card Wars is a fun card game where you have to create your own deck of adorable kitty soldiers to take out all the enemies and try to climb the dangerous tower. A deck-building roguelike that features Tower Defense elements to create a unique mix that will surprise fans of these genres.

Your objective in this card game is to survive three hordes of enemies on each screen while preventing them from destroying your base. To achieve this you will have to summon different unit cards that will attack your enemies. But the ingenious thing about Numpurr Card Wars is that your deck will start with basic units and you will improve some of these cards as you progress through the levels.

To summon units in the game you have to take into account the energy you have available, so you won’t be able to use all of your cat soldiers whenever you want. Luckily, this deck-building roguelike has a very interesting mechanic: you can use the cards for free if they have the previous or next number to the one you have summoned before. For example, you can use card number 4 without using energy if you have previously used card number 3 or 5. This is a fun way to create free combos without having to use energy.

The way up the tower is random, although you always have the possibility of choosing the next floor to climb. Not all the screens are combat screens, since in some spaces you can rest to repair your turrets or get new objects to help you along the way. Something that fans of roguelike deck-building games like Slay the Spire will already be used to.

Numpurr Card Wars is a fantastic card roguelike in which defeat is not the end of the road. You will have to get used to the game mechanics until you are able to reach the top of the tower. A very fun deck-building video game with a lot of charm thanks to the artistic style of the cats that will be part of your unique army.



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