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Noon Academy is an online learning tool that can help you learn a variety of skills from the comfort of your home. With the dozens of teachers featured on the platform it’s so easy to join different classes and get involved in virtual groups to cement your knowledge on topics and expel your doubts.

With Noon Academy you have a simple interface that lets you find the class you need with ease. To join a room you just have to tap one and wait for it to begin. You also have a calendar which shows the date and start time of the session to help you organize your agenda.

Another outstanding feature of Noon Academy is that you can complete challenges with your classmates to check what you have learned. This is really useful since you will be given questionnaires to test your knowledge and measure the progress you have made thanks to your teachers’ classes.

Noon Academy has everything you need to learn without having to leave the house. The platform has a good number of teachers and different options to follow the session and participate in it to continue your academic journey even if you can’t attend an educational center.


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