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Ninja’s Creed is a shooting game that’s similar to the successful Sniper 3D where you have to take down specific enemies from a distance. However, in this title you’ll do so using a powerful crossbow to shoot arrows full speed at your enemies. Becoming the best ninja is no walk in the park, though. If you want to be successful, you have to have near perfect aim in every single challenge.

In Ninja’s Creed all the graphics are 3D. As a result, you’re transported to relatively realistic settings that take place in Japan and other Asian territories, where you’ll try to defeat each enemy the game tells you to. At the beginning of each mission, you’ll always see all the information on the screen to follow in order to complete the levels.

To shoot the crossbow, the game gives you pretty intuitive controls. All you have to do is tap on the shooting button founding on the right side of the screen. This way, it just takes a few seconds to focus on your objective after rotating the view however you need. When you have the shot lined up, you just have to let go to launch the projectile. You can even use a hawk to improve your accuracy when aiming at different targets.

With the rewards you get, you’ll be able to unlock new armor and resources to help turn you into a master ninja in each level. In short, Ninja’s Creed is one of those games that lets you feel the excitement of shooting from a distance without being seen.


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