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Nine Mail is an app to manage your email, calendar, to-do list, and more, all from a unified interface. All you need to do is to open the side menu to access any of the different features.

To start using Nine Mail, you have to synchronize a personal email account from any of the following services: Office 365, Exchange Online, Hotmail,, Outlook, or MSN. Once you’ve added your account you can access your inbox easily, with all the features one can imagine.

Besides managing email, you have a built-in calendar and contact list in Nine Mail. You can therefore quickly make a note of any appointments and manage any changes in your contacts. You even have a powerful note-taking tool for jotting things down as needed.

Nine Mail is a comprehensive, powerful email client offering a good number of high-quality features. Furthermore, in the settings you can find many options for adjusting the look of the interface.


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