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If you’re a fan of Twitch or other video game streaming platforms, Nimo TV offers all the same streaming options, but from a slightly different interface. Simply browse through its menus, choose an available channel, and start watching!

Nimo TV has a section with some of the app’s most popular streams, including including PUBG, Fortnite, or Mobile Legends. Not only that, but you can choose from outstanding players, or explore to discover new ones. Finally, the app’s easy-to-use video player has a chat box, where you can share your opinion with all the other users.

But one of Nimo TV’s best features that the platforms streams games from various eSports teams, which makes it super easy to follow specific players or teams and watch all their live battles!

Overall, Nimo TV is a decent streaming platform, with an almost endless number of streams of a wide variety of computer and mobile games. Find your favorite stream and watch all the action play out live, or even upload your own!


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