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Getting in shape with the help of your Android device is getting simpler all the time. To that end, there are apps like Nike+ Training, which make several trainings and programs available to boost your physical performance with no need for a personal trainer.

Nike+ Training is designed to help you do each exercise in the most intuitive way possible. Over an interface design that preserves the full essence of Nike, in seconds you can access several training programs to train any muscle group.

Another strength of Nike+ Training is that you can do several programs designed to improve in an array of sports disciplines. Whether you’re a runner or a basketball or football player, this app will adapt each set of exercises to the sport in question. Plus you can always adjust the length and number of reps for every exercise to customize your training.

If you want to use your smartphone like a personal trainer, Nike+ Training is an excellent tool to do various exercise routines and save your progress.


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