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New Truck Parking is a truck-parking game for Android where you prove that you have what it takes to park these enormous vehicles. With 3D graphics and the ability to change cameras whenever you want, you have everything you need to slide these cars into their spaces.

Controls in New Truck Parking are pretty easy. Simply tap on the accelerator and brake pedals to manage your speed. You can also use the gear lever at the top of the screen to switch from driving forwards to backwards and vice versa.

Although everything unfolds from a bird’s eye view, you can use the camera button to zoom in and out to your liking. As you advance, the levels get increasingly more difficult, making it more and more important to stay below the allotted number of mistakes for each challenge.

New Truck Parking has tons of levels where you try to park trucks as efficiently as possible. Drive smart and avoid obstacles to get each of these trucks into a parking space without any nicks or scrapes.


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