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New Sniper Shooter is an addictive game where you play as a sniper who has to find and shoot your target on each level.

At the beginning of each level, you get a file on the person you’ve been ordered to kill, the reason why (some of which are more serious than others), and how much money is on the line. Get your first taste of blood by practicing your aim and shooting exactly where you want. You’ll earn more or less money depending on where you hit the target (directly in the head, for example, or somewhere less deadly).

Although your objective is always very clear, you may sometimes feel guilty about the reason why you’ve been hired to kill a certain person. But even if you disagree with your orders, you still have to carry them out. You have no choice.

When you shoot at your target, you’ll see the bullet being fired in slow motion, then follow it as it slices through the air and hits your target. If you see blood, you advance to the next level.

New Sniper Shooter is a fun shooting game with great graphics where you can try your hand at being a sniper.



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