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Naver Whale Browser is an Android browser that lets you access the internet quickly and safely. Unlike other browser apps, this app doesn’t use too much RAM or overload your smartphone’s resources while you surf the web.

With Naver Whale Browser, you have the option to adapt the browser interface however you want. In fact, from the main page you have the possibility to see the weather forecast and manage the bookmarks you want to see. This way you can easily access the pages you visit the most.

On top of all that, with Naver Whale Browser, you have a panel to instantly check any website, without having to open a new tab. Plus, the browser puts an end to ads and helps you browse more fluidly, without annoying interruptions. All this comes with the possibility to create incognito windows to help you browse anonymously.

Naver Whale Browser is a great browser thanks to the advanced features it offers. Its lightweight interface and the incorporation of a dark mode are both great features that’ll make visiting any website a breeze. It’s easy on the eyes in more ways than one, and won’t affect your Android device’s performance.


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