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Naver SmartBoard is an app that gives you the opportunity to change the design and functionality of the keyboard that comes installed on your device by default. This particular keyboard gives you tons of advantages, even letting you automatically translate text as you type it.

Before you start using Naver SmartBoard you’ll have to accept the necessary permissions. Once that step is out of the way, the keyboard will be set as the main keyboard for all your apps. To help you get the most out of it, you’ll be shown a brief tutorial to teach you about the various extra features included. Not only can you modify the fonts and the color of the keyboard, but you can also activate the predictive mode and even automatically translate the text you’re typing to the language you need.

In addition to the unique features Naver SmartBoard offers, you’ll also find other important features you can’t live without in a keyboard app. This means you’ll be able to add all the emojis you want to your messages, as well as GIFs.

In short, Naver SmartBoard is an excellent alternative to the classic keyboard, with tons of customization possibilities. And best of all, it has a simple and intuitive design.


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