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n-Track Studio DAW is an app that lets you turn your Android device into a proper recording studio where you can work with a practically unlimited number of audio tracks. You can mix these tracks as they play and add effects as desired.

With n-Track Studio DAW you can use a microphone to record your own audio. You can also add audio tracks using a keyboard or any virtual instrument, or by importing them. Thanks to the mixer, you can also adjust the levels and keep all the tracks under control.

The number of features included in n-Track Studio DAW can be surprising, if you’re not used to working with this kind of program. Luckily, n-Track is also available for Windows, Mac, and iOS, so if you’ve already worked with one of these versions, you’ll have no problems with this one for Android. Plus all the projects are compatible between the various versions.

n-Track Studio DAW is an excellent audio editing and mixing app. This free version of the app obviously doesn’t have all features unlocked, though. To get full access, you’ll need to buy a subscription.


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