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MyRecorder is a comprehensive voice-recording app perfect for anyone who wants to make recordings with their smartphone whenever and wherever necessary.

Once you install MyRecorder, all you have to do is accept the required permissions. After that, you’ll see a counter set at 0 and a button with a microphone icon right below it. To start recording, just tap that button, and tap it again when you want to stop. Once you’re done, you can play the recording from the same app. You can also edit it and share it, too.

Thanks to MyRecorder, you can record whatever you need without sacrificing its quality and without any hassle, either. This app has no time limits, and it supports many formats, including AAC, M4A, AMR, MP3, and more.

MyRecorder is an excellent app for recording sound with your smartphone. It’s definitely a cut above the features offered on your Android smartphone by default.


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