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MyID is a very comprehensive app specially designed to meet all your communication and entertainment needs. You’ll get the chance to play different games, watch movies or exchange likes and hobbies with people from around the globe, all through the app’s built-in social media.

Although the ways in which you can use MyID are very diverse, its interface has been designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Once within its main screen, you’ll see a series of links to different places and websites that you can visit, use its social aspects, chat or make video and voice calls in real-time with other online users, use the music, movies, mytelplay and FTTH features, as well as play games like “Fish Hunter Game”, “Game” or “Waky Jacky”, among many others.

With such varied content at your disposal, MyID gives you the opportunity to bookmark videos, movies, songs or any other media, and thus easily locate them some other time.

MyID is an app management app that you can use for entertainment as well as meet most of your leisure needs.


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