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My PrettyGirl Story is an app for creating and customizing your own characters. You can create dozens of animated avatars that you can then save to your device or turn into fun GIFs.

The way My PrettyGirl Story works is simple: when you start the app, you’ll find a character model for you to customize. You can either access its closet or tap on the button to randomly create a character. The app offers a tons of customization options: you can choose from dozens of face shapes, hairstyles, hair colors, body postures, eye colors, lips, etc. Plus, My PrettyGirl Story gives you an enormous closet full of clothes and accessories to choose from. There are almost a hundred trendy and fun outfits to choose from. That said, in each category, you’ll only see about 20% of the options the game has to offer. To unlock the rest, you’ll have to watch an ad.

On top of all that, you can change your character’s height and give her a pet that will move around the room. Lastly, you can save your creation or record it and make videos that you can use later however you want.

My PrettyGirl Story is a great app for creating animated characters, with dozens of customization possibilities to create the perfect character for you.


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