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My Coffee Shop is a game where you can have fun serving coffee, hot chocolate, and toast and then use the money you earn to make your café grow. You also have to deal with impatient customers who don’t like waiting.

The gameplay is simple: your diners start arriving and ordering what they want to eat and drink, and you just have to tap each of the cooking utensils necessary to prepare their order. If you burn the toast, you have to throw it away and take a hit to your profits – your customers want you to pay attention! But as you earn money, you can unlock new kitchenware and turn your café into an establishment with different specialties.

Your customers can order toast, muffins, pancakes, eggs, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and more. Gradually, as you level up, you can decorate your shop and give it a perfectly welcoming atmosphere. Or you can buy stuff with real money if you prefer not to wait.

Have fun preparing delicious breakfasts and making your café the coziest hangout in town!


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