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My Cafe Shop Cooking Game is a game for lovers of cooking games where you take charge of a series of restaurants that you have to lead to success, creating recipes and serving all the diners who show up to try your dishes.

In this adventure you start out with just one restaurant where you cook a couple of dishes only. Your mission is to expand your menu and the number of recipes you prepare. To do that you’ll need money you earn from the diners who show up there. Every person who appears puts in an order that you have to prepare in the shortest time possible; every second that passes will make your tip smaller, and if you take too long you’ll lose the customer.

In My Cafe Shop Cooking Game you work against the clock and keep a close eye on your kitchen, where all the foods you need to create each order are stored. All the products have a certain cooking time, and past it the dish will burn – meaning you have to start all over again, with all the problems that comes along with that.

Once you master one dish and are able to serve a large number of diners in your restaurant, the next step is to open a new one and start preparing foods from different countries, starting the restaurant from scratch and beginning a new adventure in any corner of the globe.



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