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MultiCraft is a fun survival game clearly influenced by Minecraft, both in terms of gameplay and also its unique low-poly graphics.

In MultiCraft, you play as a little man who tries to survive a challenging world full of traps and danger while armed with nothing more than his fists. As in the original Minecraft, in MultiCraft, you can create increasingly complex materials and tools using the simple resources you gather in the game.

MultiCraft’s controls are easy to learn, which means anyone can enjoy this game right from the get-go. To move, use the joystick on the left side of the screen, and to jump or interact with resources, use the buttons on the right.

When you pause, you’ll see a menu where you can access a guide complete with various recipes for anything from armor to portals to other worlds. This guide is an essential tool for anyone who’s playing this game (or a game like this) for the first time.

Although the controls in MultiCraft can feel a little clunky, other aspects of the game are polished enough to make up for it.


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