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MUBI is a movie-streaming service with a unique philosophy compared to similar services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Instead of offering an enormous catalog of movies and series at all times, MUBI offers 30 cult movies, each of which is only available for 30 days. That’s right, after 30 days, the movie disappears from the catalog.

Each day, one movie is removed from the MUBI catalog and another is added, so you’ll always have 30 movies (or documentaries) to choose from. All the movies are in the original subtitled version, typically with plenty of languages to choose from. You can also play the movie in HD or a lower quality if you plan to watch it on a smaller screen.

There are two particularly interesting features. The first is the option to download movies so you can play them without an Internet connection, whenever and wherever you want. The second is the option to play movies on Chromecast devices so you can watch them on a bigger screen.

MUBI is a top-notch service for true film buffs. Thanks to this app, you can watch unique movies in excellent quality that are hard to find on similar, more mainstream services.



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